My Thoughts

Revolutions in Decor

I believe that digital art will be more creative than all the art that went before it. These are the early days of a new frontier.

Risk taking with new methods creates a totally new set of aesthetics. Seeking the constraints of home decor, the beautiful is conceived.

In my first shop, you will find many paradoxes in my work. While cutting edge, I maintain conventionality. Using master works by other artists as the subject, my subject matter is different from the artist who paints a flower, a portrait, or a landscape. Beauty never escapes me to trade in modernity.

In my second shop are gifts for the young person learning to play an instrument or their music teacher. Here I create artwork with a craft like feel. In this digital age, using these tools, what is craft like any more? The images are hand drafted and rotated in a 3D simulator to finish the end result.

I invite you to window shop both stores. These unique prints and products are purchased as home decor.


David Bridburg

Each of my images has been registered with the US Copyright Office. My work is not in the Public Domain.


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