Come the Revolution

Come the Revolution we all watch TV adverts. No one is saying 1984 has happened, but where are we as  a society? We all know our mounting economic and environmental problems, but who does anything about them?

Actually, I am optimistic.

My belief is that our best days lie ahead. This populated earth can do for all. Perhaps humankind was only put here to solve our own problems. Cancer is beginning to look curable. Solar cells seemingly might begin to be economical. Desalinizing water is actually doable and economically around the corner. More women go to college than men now a days. Pay checks for American workers rose steadily last year beating inflation.

I feel we are on a timeline imposed by mother nature. We either clean up our act or go extinct. No surprises there. So perhaps we need to do just that, drop the fossil fuels, modify how much energy we use, and turn to alternative energy sources. The debate for how much time we have left to do this seems resolved. We are in a window of time that is make or break.

Our politics are fed to us on HDTV sets as commercials. We know more than ever before, never count out the general public. Sometimes though an ad for breakfast serial is more important then who is president. Is that what really happened to all those political concepts in the book 1984? A serial commercial selling sugar and flour would impose a modernity where we only try to exist? A blah as the world warms?

Sorry to go deep, but it is 96 degrees out.

From my American Intellectual Series:

American Intellectual 6 low rez


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