Artist Statement

David Bridburg – Digital Artist
Genre: Recycled Art


My goal has always been to create within my own constructs.
My studies at UCONN lent me the notion that western cultural advances
were reflected in the arts. Computers are the wild west of artistic creation.
My art organizes different elements of digital images in an eclectic mix.

With my art, I embrace figurative and abstract artistic methods to find a new set of constructs.

With my art, I reject surrealism to give daily life more credence.

With my art, I make statements on politics, the Bible, culture, environment concerns,
childhood, parenting, beauty and a simple summer day.

The art is experimental and at once complete. The audience knows the material, but artistic control has changed. Using pixel based tools artists gain more control in new ways on the macro and micro level. My statements are often redeveloped as I work, since the underlying works are generally very complex. The overall process runs from conception/research to visualization to synthesis of the creative process to final image.

Final statements can be subtle or blatant. The range of expression for digital art is great.

Note: Now I have two different stores. In the second store, I create abstracts mixed with musical instruments. Using the first few letters of my name, DA and BRI,