Come the Revolution

Come the Revolution we all watch TV adverts. No one is saying 1984 has happened, but where are we as  a society? We all know our mounting economic and environmental problems, but who does anything about them? Actually, I am optimistic. My belief is that our best days lie ahead. This populated earth can do for all. Perhaps humankind was only put here to solve … Continue reading Come the Revolution

Post Pop Art: The American Intellectual Series

The American Intellectual Series is a group of murals that can print 9 x 4 feet. The constructs are size, action, the white used as a simplifying force, and underlying images I have previously reworked. While these print as murals, framed they look great when the white areas are defined. To see examples of these images framed click on each of them. Below are some … Continue reading Post Pop Art: The American Intellectual Series